Feel My Fear…


Love the video intro on the R1!!! Has a nice “Top Gear” feel to the
production. You must be a bit nervous that you’ve now set a new bar for content…us
readers will now be hungry for video segments to accompany all features!! Ha
ha…seriously nicely done!


– Steve, www.sundaymorningrides.com

It’s the “set a new bar for content” that scares the heck out of
me, so let’s clarify…

If you look at the BBC 2 balance sheets you’ll quite plainly see that all the accounts really put at the bottom is “BBC 2 = TopGear” then get on with having a pint and playing darts… or whatever it is fun loving UK accountants do. I’ll fully admit to watching hours of TG and picking apart the shots, but the R1 video was made using a 4 yr-old low-end camcorder, my elderly Mac G4 PowerBook, and a week of late night editing – it boils down to being a matter of time as much as money.

There will be more videos on the way but likely not with every feature. We’ll shoot video for bikes of note; stuff that is industry shaking or we just really take a fancy to – the 1098 say which is both, pretty much any KTM roadbike we can get our grubby paws on, any new Aprilia really, Yamaha’s MT-01, Kawasaki’s Versys… Actually the list goes on for quite some time. So I’m not helping my workload here.

What would certainly help is if we could land a few volunteers with a passion for bikes, a disdain for empty weekends, and a love camerawork. The other thing we’d like is to hear from bands and musicians who would like to contribute music. While there is a fair amount of copyright friendly royalty free music on the web, but most of it’s horrible and I’d much sooner showcase artist than search endlessly for free Garageband clips.


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