First Day… Again

meIt’s my first day back. I’ve returned to OneWheelDrive.Net full time, and it’s got me giggling. Last time I tried this it was a push, this time if feels right, and more importantly it feels busy. I’ve more media proposals than I can possibly write stacked up, we’re in the final stages of arranging a R1 for a road test, I’m editing a Benlli Tre-K impression for this week’s feature, working on a 999 video retrospective, arranging for streaming video ads, scheduling review bikes, and the Ducati press release this morning looked like it was run through Google translate… The “to do” list is growing fast, but thankfully Kevin and I have some help.

I’m please to announce that Kathy Ryan will be taking on heading up our Advertising services. An avid rider, quick learner, and possessed of a natural business acumen Kathy will be contributing on multiple fronts. Most importantly she’ll be helping us grow out a business based on acting like 10-year olds with 160hp toys.

Right, it’s a busy and exciting first day at “the new job.” Must push off, I need to nip out to Suzuki to talk GSX-R 1000, Bandit 1250 ABS and video.


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