Sometimes the Spirit Moves You

meI’ve been out testing the Burgman 650 Executive since Friday and the weekend saw us out “scoot-touring” for an upcoming article, but last night I went out on the local ride for giggles.  The turn out was awesome and better yet the roads for the ride back co-operated, with traffic being stopped in two places for construction.  In essence upwards of 40 riders, had huge helpings of “private highway” to play on.  When the spirit moves you it’s best to move with it, regardless of what bike you are on.  Which brings me to the e-mail that was waiting for me post ride…

Was that you on the Tuesday night on the Burgman back from Squamish? When I saw it was the Burgman in my rear-view I waited till you came up in the new section from Lion’s Bay.  I hope you did not mind me sliding along with you but it was a real show watching you going through the paces. Although, at moments, I was becoming unsettled thinking that at any moment you and that scooter were just going to “fly apart.” You have my respect and if was not you then whoever it was, well thank them.

Be well,


Er, yes, that was I being the fool.

‘H’ it turns out was pacing me on his R1, so a relaxed ride for him was likely near the Burgman’s upper limit.  I was quite a ways
from flying apart though, the center stand was un-filled and the tires still feature chicken strips, though I admit the 650 is a difficult bike to hang off of – no middle bits.

I personally I condone my behavior on the Bergman last night; I was pushing the bike harder that I should and on public roads and that’s asking for trouble.  I can say this though, despite the small tires being a bit “bouncy” and occasional skip through the wallows, the Burgman 650 has proven exceptionally competent.

Sometimes the spirit moves you, and when it does man you can move –it’s not every day that happens but I appreciate when it does.

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