The “Girlie Drink Theory” of Motorcycle Journalism

meI finished the “day job” in tech last night with a suitable number of drinks.  This celebration was not for my departure so much as the complete death of my common sense, which once merely beleaguered has been beaten to a mash by my passion and curiosity.  I have a huge “need to know”, and the question it poses is “Can I make it as a full time motorcycle writer?”  I say writer, because it’s presumption to call such a subjective genre journalism.  Last nights festival of colored beverages didn’t moved me towards the answer, but it has lead to a theory – in order to avoid a hangover drink “girlie drinks”.

The embarrassment of actually drinking something radioactive orange, with multiple pieces of fruit and at least one umbrella, is offset by the Vitamin-C contained there in which I suspect has allowed me to elude a hangover.  I have not ruled out that the neurotransmitters involved in the embarrassment don’t actually play an active roll in keeping the next day from being entirely broken.  Clearly more research is required.

The running about, packing and final goodbyes have disjointed the day regardless.  Without doubt, I will miss the people of Mercurial Communication who have become friends, comrades, and during one massive project brothers in arms against a huge project and an uncaring client so divorced from reality as to exist in a parallel universe.  It was a place where time likely had no meaning or flowed without linear constraint.  I likely will not miss projects such as that…

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