Editor’s Blog: A Wrench in the Works.

meI’ve been out on the GSX-R 750 for the better part of a week and I have to admit the bike or at least the suspension is getting my goat.  There’s a multitude of adjustments possible here and I’ve just about got it right, except for the rear preload.  The manual says that you require a special Suzuki tool for this, which is daft, preload being one of the most basic suspension adjustments one can make.  Frustrated I popped by the helpful folks at Adrenalin Motorcycle Co-op, here in Victoria, B.C., to see if they had the spanner in question – no luck.  In the parking lot we collectively eyed the pristine GSX-R 750 rear shock and its preload ring but in the end we shied away from the hammer and screwdriver option.

Suzuki, if you would be so kind as to package the wrench in question in the toolkit, that would be just peachy.  I suppose I’ll be moderately embarrassed if the stock toolkit has one and all the Suzuki’s we’ve tested are just missing this critical piece from their under seat stash.  Other than getting the suspension bang on the GSX-R 750 absolutely sings, not as antisocial as a litre bike and not and effervescent as a 600 I’m becoming more and more convinced this displacement is sportbike nirvana on the road.

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