Shieldsak – Spare Shield Holster – Trick!

shieldsakslice1Sometimes I get the munchies, and those munchies demand to be satisfied. Every now and then it’s french fries I fancy. Occasionally it’s chips. Quite often I crave chocolate. More recently I find my stomach pining for pizza. All very well if you’re on foot, or in a car, but not so convenient for the average non-top-box-equipped motorcyclist.

I have a Dilemma: How to transport a yummy slice of pizza from the restaurant to my home while riding my motorcycle. As I daydreamed of pizza and motorcycles, what should Editor Johnston drop on my desk? Yes, you guessed it, a pizza slice pouch, designed specifically for motorcyclists!

The package mentions something about helmet visors and being able to carry another visor when on a ride, but who needs to do such silliness? Certainly not me – I’m hungry! So, disregarding the nonsense printed on the cover I eagerly remove the pouch from its packaging.

I like the way it’s made. It has that ‘quality feel’ and appears to be constructed of primo materials: Black, woven, medium-weight nylon with a generously sized shoulder-band and a pizza-insertion slot accessed by a Velcro-flap. Though, since the designers somehow forgot to make it especially pizza-shaped, premium slices of a deluxe crust width will have to be rejected or eaten on the spot.

On field trials the pouch performed admirably; the soft flap will not scratch up a hastily thrust in slice and the pouch keeps its valuable cargo safe, maintaining proper MMT* and preventing a sticky mess at the bottom of the pouch after a long day’s ride. I might also recommend using some wax paper or a paper bag to protect the inside of the pouch from MRP**.

shieldsakweb1I found the shoulder-band easily adjustable and comfortable. The quick-release buckle makes taking it on and off a breeze, though in most cases it can be worn towards the side or back, and then just swivelled around when you feel the hunger urge.

Conclusion? An excellent solution to an age-old problem. The Shieldsak is a very convenient way to carry your extra pizza slices and ensure their longevity.  Trick!

Note: Pouch also works really well as a way of carrying around an extra-visor, or so I’m told by non-pizza-eaters.

– Mark Robbins

*   Mozzarella Mean Temperature
** Mozzarella Residue Phenomenon

BTM Enterprises/Shieldsak
(800) 786-4115 (US/Canada)

$19.95 + $3.95 S&H USD
Available in: Royal Blue, Cardinal Red, Sunset Yellow, as well as basic Black

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