FogTech Anti-Fog Visor Wipes

fogtechpacketAs temperatures hovered around zero Celsius there was no better time to test the FogTech Visor Wipes from MotoSolutions.  The FogTech wipes apply a transparent micro-thin coating of water absorbers on your visor. This coating grabs the water from your breath before it can condense and spreads the moisture smoothly across the shield in a transparent layer.

The compound works well with a noticeable reduction in the amount of visor fogging.  The effectiveness was driven home by riding with the FogTech applied to the visor and then washing it off mid-ride.  Unfortunately, I forgot a second FogTech packet and ended up riding home with my visor mostly open in order to see – just bitter cold!

The key to this product is careful application, using the wipes it’s quite difficult to get a good even application of the FogTech compound, leaving you with patches of fog on your visor and streaks from the compound.  Also the compound is water soluble so if you’re in the rain keep the visor shut so as to not wash the compound away.

Overall FogTech when applied carefully in a consistent layer works very well, but the application is hard to achieve.

FogTech visor Wipes
FogTech Packets-5 Pack
Price:$6.95 USD

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