Fog City Hyper Optiks Insert – Trick

hpox_animated_web-2Right off this product has to work, because it’s not winning any sexy-name awards. 

That’s fine though, because it works, and works well.

The first aspect of the product is it’s anti-fog qualities.  The scientific explanation is something along the lines of water vapour hits the surface of your visor and its droplets condense into the bad-breath visual stink known as fog.

The surface of the fog city visor is a “special chemically bonded polymer matrix”. Essentially, the surface mimics that of an egg carton – and the water molecules resemble the ‘eggs’.  So the water hits the surface, flattens into the “cartons” and creates a flat surface of water.  The fog is still there, it’s just even and you can see through it.  Mr. Sciences lesson aside, it works exceptionally well as tested on a KBC VR-1 helmet.

The other aspect of the visor insert is the “photochromatic technology”.  Geek marketing-speak for the fact that the blue tint gets darker when it’s bright out.  On a clear bright day this works well, though the actual darkest tint achieved may not be enough when riding into low evening sun (or morning sun if you’re one of those daft early risers).  Still it is a vast improvement over having to bring a spare tinted visor along with you, a considerable savings.

Fitting the “Hyper Optiks Light Reactive Anti-Fog Visor Insert” is quite easy, but take the time to get the alignment right before adhering it to your faceplate; you only get one shot at this and it is not easily removable.  Actually, removal seems to be a destructive process.

The bigger issue is that this product is generic to all helmets except the Arai, which means it does not fit flush to the opening for your helmet’s faceplate.  This is initially a visual annoyance, but you will acclimate to having the glue strip border in your field of sight.  Aesthetically, a less generic shaping would be less intrusive to the looks of your lid.

Appearance aside, this is a well thought out product that solves a very real problem for the avid motorcyclist, we’ll be looking to acquire a few more for the eight or so helmets we have laying around the office.

Price: $29.95 USD


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