RWC: The North – Episode 4 Excerpts

This northern alberta episode is a mix of cold temperatures, winter conditions, and northern Canadian culture. Featuring ice fishing on Alberta’s largest lake, the team tries their luck at catching pike at minus 30 below. It’s then on to Canada’s oil producing capital Fort McMurray, with a much needed rest before tackling one of Canada’s least traveled ice roads. The first of two major winter roads (ice roads) begins 60km’s north of Fort McMurray. The riders prepare themselves for their greatest challenge yet. Between rough snow patches, empty roads, and slow speed crashes, this is the start of the serious winter hardships.

Reconnecting With Canada: The North – Episode 1

The RWC: North team leave from Victoria BC, on their arctic journey. On the very first day they encounter more than they bargained for with a major snow storm. Then it’s the transition from mild temperatures and urban centres to hard packed snow and small communities.