Ducati: Many Roads of Canada – Poutine

It’s a heart stopping ride, thanks to the diet. Poutine is everything your doctor ever warned you about, but better. French fries, covered in cheese curd and doused in gravy… The gold standard on which all other heart stopping poutine death is based.

Ducati: Many Roads of Canada – Jail

I’m writing you from Jail. Yes, some would agree that incarceration is long over due thanks to wanton acts of disregard for various social standards, but the details of my megalomania are quite inconsequential…

Ducati: Many Roads of Canada – Prologue

My “cunning plan” to ride the Buell Ulysses across Canada has been shattered in another journalists accident, before the trip proper even started. Luckily, Ducati’s stepped in with a flight upgrade.