New Zealand: The 309

Boxing Day. For some it means sales, others a hang-over and a general feeling of “I ATE TOO MUCH YESTERDAY!!!”, others it’s the annual Boxing day races, for us its picking a route that will avoid the most holiday traffic possible while still showing some stunning Coromandel Peninsula scenery.

New Zealand: To The Cape & Back

Friday afternoon, the sun was out and it couldn’t get any stiller. In a bit of a last minute decision we decide on doing a 2-1/2 day ride to the tip of the North Island of New Zealand. To Cape Reinga and the lighthouse there.

New Zealand: Waitomo, Waterfalls, and the West Coast

The alarm chirped at 7:00 AM, the sun blasting through the dark curtains won’t help if we pull the covers over our heads. Without much hesitation, we climb out of bed and perform our wake-up rituals. The previous night we had done the bulk of the packing, which made the morning start less ominous.

Silver Dawn

There are rods for our backs and for our eyes, and cones for smoking and seeing. Rods distinguish shapes, cones determine colour. In the hour before dawn the rods rule – there are shapes without colour, silver and shadow, steel and coal. Time for a ride. I cable-tied the broken headlight bracket on the Moto…