This is my KLR – An Adventure Riding Sentiment

YouTuber HalfThrottle has an adventure bike sentiment that we can probably all get behind. Sure the video happens to be about his KLR, but we all have our bikes and if we’re lucky they hold a special place in our hearts and take us on grand adventures.

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  1. David Webb says:

    Ummmm… LOVE it! And my KLR is even *kinda* shiny still…. 😉


  2. ststrider says:

    well put.


  3. Mike says:

    Very well said. love it!!!


  4. Mark says:

    Absolutely true. I bought a 2008 model and currently have 12K on it. I have been to baja 4 times and spend most of my time exploring the unpaved routes. I am no expert dirt rider, but I have passed and stayed up with any GS or KTM Adventure bike out there, just at a fraction of the cost. I have laughed at them all with their BIG expensive machines as they have tried to goad me by my ‘little’ ride. But in the end we have all made it to the same destinations, just in a different manner. Only those who have ridden, and I mean truley ridden a KLR know what I am talking about. I can ride the heck out of it and it will not complain, not break down, it will just give me endless hours of shear enjoyment for a decent price. Miles of smiles is what I have gotten out of this bike. I do have other bikes in the stable, but this one keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for the wonderful video and the chance to chime in.


  5. Fred Reed says:

    I’ve put about 40,000 miles on KLR, loved my old models. Use to run all day at 90 MPH riding with a GS buddy. Toured and camped back country off road here and in Baja and use to sport ride them before Super Motard was in vogue.

    With a pipe and jetting the motors get more interesting and still remain bullet proof. I have always run synthetic oil and have never had any type of engine failure even flailing the thing in Baja on Premex.

    I excitedly bought a new model the first year they came out. It got poor gas mileage, didn’t have nearly the performance of my older ones and in spite of having the rings replaced with some other warranty issues never lived up to the level of my older KLR’s. On a trip leaving Saline Valley it began running rough, at a stop it backfired and from the air box burst into flames.

    I’ve had three KLR’s, I’ll probably have another one, an older one.


  6. Derek says:

    Hey – great sentiments. Put a little lump in my throat. The insurance just ran out on my KLR so it’s in the basement for the next six months. My adventures on it have been small but they’re MY adventures and they’ll get bigger and wilder. Thanks for the push.


  7. Derek Gardner says:

    Nice little sentiment as I put the KLR away for the rainy/snowy season. I’M new to dual-sport and my adventures have been small but they’ve been MY adventures. They’ll get bigger and wilder. Thanks for the push.



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