KTM “Hard Adventure” 690 Enduro R Project: Protective Thoughts

I’ve just come back from a shake down ride to Mt. Baker and back, and the KTM 690 Enduro R travelled 260km with fuel to spare, which is further than my ass is willing to go in a single sitting on the stock seat. That range is thanks to the install of the Rally-Raid Products Tank Kit (expect a full review and video of the install in coming weeks) and MotoMethod.com, who provided the shop space and tools for the install. Still, the issue of wind protection on longer rides like the run to Baker is a concern.

I’ve implemented a temporary solution, but the handle bar mounted windscreen is not only inelegant, it’s hideous. And, when I say hideous, I don’t mean with that “pretty/ous” (pretty/hideous) design sensibility of most adventure bikes on the market, it’s just plain ugly. To it’s credit, the bolt on is light, provides adequate wind protection and can be taken off in a hurry… though not fast enough in a parking lot to avoid onlookers retching.

Rally Raid Products UK Fairing Kit is the Sensible Choice
The other option I’m considering comes from Rally-Raid Products again. The UK companies Adventure Fairing Kit adapts the upper fairing from the KTM 950 Adventure to the 690. Ok, to my adventure rider eye it looks like sex on two wheels, and posted to facebook there was a a very basic reptile brain response; “WANT!”

The Adventure Fairing Kit would solve a number of problems in the build out of the 690 Enduro R into the 690 Adventure; namely lighting and wind protection. So the decision should be easy, assemble the parts, curse for a few days of assembly, but then I did something dumb. Kevin had his 640 Adventure apart while hunting down a short in the wiring.

The 640 Adventure Fairing looks the business...
I swear, the fairing was just laying there… and damn it looks good. Suddenly it occurs to me that with a set of Clearwater Glenda LED lights (switched out for the 640 Adventure’s heavier conventional units) and some fabrication work at a friend’s shop the 690 Adventure project could go a different direction.

A few things recommend the idea of using a 640 Adventure fairing. First, you can find 640 parts (with a bit of searching) used. Come to think of it “Scar” (my faithful 640 Adventure) is sitting unloved in the garage and could live on as a temporary donor while Kevin and I (mainly Kevin) work out a mounting system . Second, I’ve always liked the airflow on the 640, as it produces less buffeting airflow than the 950 Adventure I tested several years back. Third, it’s near perfect for shoving some LED’s into those evil eye sockets. Lastly, to my eye the fairing more proportionally fits the 690 than the 950 Adventures.

The downside (and this is a big one) is that using a 640 Adventure fairing on the 690 doesn’t come with a kit, instructions, or any sort of “e-mail for help” safety net. That means, using the 640 fairing would also take the project a lot further down the custom bike building rabbit hole than I ever intended.

So what do you think? Have your say below in the comments.

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  1. katui says:

    As much as I have always been a sucker for the 640 look(640 Adv or a 690 Adv conversion have been my dream bike for over a year now)I would hate to see the fairing of a 640 get modified enough that it wouldn’t fit back on the old 640. I would personally go with the 950 fairing simply because it would leave the 640 intact and the bike still fully operational/re-saleable. Thats just me though:)


    1. What I was thinking is use’s Scar’s fairing for the 690, and then in spring pick up a new one for that 640. Would be a win for the next owner of “Scar” as he’s a bit cosmetically challenged at the moment.


  2. katui says:

    What I was thinking is use’s Scar’s fairing for the 690, and then in spring pick up a new one for that 640.Would be a win for the next owner of “Scar” as he’s a bit cosmetically challenged at the moment.

    Seems reasonable. If you can get a new fairing for the 640 then I’d say go for it 🙂 I have always loved the “cowled” look of the 640.


  3. jack says:

    I never really liked the flat-face look of those rally screens. Go for the 640 screen!


  4. Kelly says:

    What about a Lynx fairing/HID lights from Britannia Composites in Surrey? Ian does some great work, and the HIDs’ output is second to none.

    Lightweight, turns with the bars, gives a decent level of wind protection, colour matched, adjustable screen and made in Canada.



  5. DJB says:

    Go with the 640 screen. I’ve been thinking about going that direction for ’08 690E, and now that I’ve seen your pictures of the 690 with it I’m convinced. So…know where there is another 640 screen kicking around…?

    On another note…you made it all the way to Mt. Baker and back with the stock seat? You have one durable culo my friend. Best money spent on my bike so far has been the Renazco Racing seat. Should’ve got more height than I did, but still a major improvement!


  6. Luke Swab says:

    I am doing a KTM 690 build using the same rally raid tanks and 950 adventure fairing. You are however ahead of me in my project. I think the Rally Raid is the way to go, but out of sheer interest, I vote 640. It would be interesting to see that combination, and how it works.


    1. We’ll be posting an install video around the tank in the next couple weeks. One hint, they aren’t compatible with a radiator guard… without force anyways.


  7. Pilbaragoat says:

    I’m not sure which way I’d vote based on looks. They both look the goods. But if one works better, I’d definetely go with it.

    For those with experience, is the 640 screen that much better than the 950/990?

    I’m looking at a screen myself.


    1. I’d say there’s a little less buffet out of the 640 screen than the 950/990’s. That’s subjective though, and I tend to run the 640 a bit slower than the big bikes.


  8. R R says:

    Have the RR tanks on a 690.. trying to find a good (small) aesthetic wind screen. The difficulty for me is I have the Trail Tech Race light on there. Don’t want to give it up.


    1. R R,
      I’m not familiar with the Trail Tech fairing, so I’m afraid I can’t recommend anything that would fit other than the bar mounted stuff. 😦


  9. Dirtybill says:

    Are you in the GVRD? If so and even if you aren’t, I know a guy who’s knocking out fairings/windscreens that come with lights. I dunno but he may make a one off for you for the publicity, you have to talk to him about price etc. He does first class work. Let me know.



  10. Rory says:

    640 screen looks. good. Have you checked out the Rally Management screens. http://www.rallymanagementservices.com/motoktm690e.html


  11. R R says:

    R R,
    I’m not familiar with the Trail Tech fairing, so I’m afraid I can’t recommend anything that would fit other than the bar mounted stuff.

    Here is the light. http://www.trailtech.net/8in_race_lights.html Its been adapted to a DOT approved reflector with an H4 bulb. I may drop it in favor of a fairing. The rally raid fairing is looking better and better but wow that’s a lot of coin.


  12. R R says:


    Could you email me a bit of info on the 640 fairing. I have the Rally Raid setup and would like to know how close the 640 sides were to matching the lines of the bike and the RR mounting locations on the front of the tank. No 640’s nearby to use to check and I can’t quite tell from the pictures.

    Thanks mate!


  13. Rain Dancer says:

    Thumbing through the 2010 Touratech catalogue I came across a “Windscreen, KTM 690 Enduro” on p.622. I don’t know if this would work on an Enduro R but it looks like it would keep the wind off of your chest.


  14. David says:

    Did anything ever become of this? I’m infatuated by the 640 fairing on there. I think it looks better than most of the available options, and I’m in the market to adventurize my 690.


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