Five Stunt Gloves Reviewed

Some things you love to death, wearing them relentlessly until the bitter end. So it was the case with my Five Stunt Gloves, but 65,000km of adventure and street riding have taken their toll. After a little under two seasons, the Fives are retired… I think.

The Fives were recommended to me by Westcoast Superbike School instructor and Supermotard racer, Troy Burstyk. “They are the closest thing to the feel of a dirt glove with real protection.”

Troy knows of whence he speaks.

There’s more than just the feel and protection though. The padding hits just the right places, insulating from big single-cylinder vibrations that have become such a big part of my life of late. The fit contours to your hand and feels natural to the controls. There’s dexterity and sensitivity enough to do up your helmet or finesse a throttle. There was no binding, chaffing or hot points. So they fit like the proverbial glove.

True the Fives aren’t a wet weather or cooler than a fall day sort of glove, but then during the summer or riding the Baja the ample ventilation isn’t a demerit. They could be a tad more odour resistant when the sweat really soaks in mind you, but the Stunts held up well in the wash and kept their fit even after drying.

Of course the Fives were never intended for off-road, but as I found on a recent trail ride in a set of Thor Phases when whipping through the branches I miss the knuckle protection. The extra padding on the heel of your hand isn’t shabby on a spill into the rocks either.

Quality of course has its price, and the Fives don’t come cheap though, online US pricing starts at $59.99 ($79.00 Canadian at most dealers). Which has me thinking, maybe I can get my beloved Fives repaired. A little leather on the index fingers and the side of the hand where the neoprene stretch panel has warn away and the Five Stunts could live again.

Or, gasp, I might even just pay retail for a new set of Five Stunt gloves. When you find something that works, you stick with it.

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  1. shane says:

    i have the same five gloves i have to say they are great !!!


    1. Good enough I’m willing to pay retail for another set. And I’m damn cheap.


  2. Will says:

    I bought a pair of these gloves for a 5,200 mile ride, and within 200 miles a sharp piece of stitching started cutting my finger. I rode most of the trip with that finger wrapped to avoid the cutting but still ended up with a scar. Returned them as soon as I got home and the store said they’d already decided to discontinue them. Glad to hear they work for some-maybe I just got the defective pair.


    1. Damn! Sorry to hear that. Your experience speaks to a quality control issue with Five. I’m ordering in another set, well see what that brings.


  3. Joe Nagy says:

    Just started wearing a pair of Five Supermotards last week, and I can’t think of any glove I’ve ever worn that was more comfortable. There’s hard armor over the knuckles and on the outside heel of the palm, but you don’t feel it while riding because of the cushy padding ‘tween armor and hand. Great attention to detail.
    It’s usually hard for me to find good-fitting gloves because my hands are Medium-and-a-half. So I’ve suffered through both tight Mediums and sloppy Larges. The ‘tards in Large are a perfect fit. Oh, and they look cool too. (Got white ones for summer hooliganism.)


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