Charley Boorman and Ross Noble: Cape Town To Victoria Falls

Charley Boorman and Ross Noble are on a motorcycle adventure tour from Cape Town To Victoria Falls with Motoaventures. This episode covers the South African leg of the trip.

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  1. John Blausey says:

    I thought Charlie was a KTM guy. What is he doing on a BMW?


  2. jobark says:

    Sponsership I guess,but I also thought he’d pick a KTM. Maybe after his big hissy fit on the long way round doco, he decided to wash his hands of them completly.


  3. jobark says:

    I thought it was going to b a ride with just Charlie and Ross but now it looks like they have a bunch of other riders tagging along, plus the film and backup crews. Looks more like an organised vehicle convoy than an adventure ride.


  4. Mike says:

    Charley has been contracted to BMW for many years, KTM didnt want to ‘give’ him and Ewan bikes.
    it was organised, but only two support vehicles betweent 25 riders, and it was awesome..


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