Baja: Tropic of Cancer – Gonzaga

Thirty kms of grinding dirt, front-end stepping-out rock and battering washboard from the pavement’s end, about 50kms south of Puertecitos lies Gonzega. A gem of the Baja sitting on the Sea of Cortez.

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  1. rapier says:

    Sand? I’ve never seen it mentioned in lists of motorcycle touring movies, Exploring the Deserts of the World. Not so much about motorcycles but about some incredibly obsessed German guy who loves deserts. He just happens to do it in this case, over 3 years on a BMW GS 1100 with his girlfriend. It has to be seen to be believed, in 12 30 minute segments available on Netflicks here.

    The riding challenges are stupendous but they pale to the security ones sometimes. For instance he crosses from China into Pakistan hours after the WTC attack. And on an on and on.

    How he paid for the trip is a mystery. Flying the bike around the world.

    Oh, they leave and return from home, Munich, in heavy snow. UFB.

    Bob Pierson


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