NZ: South Island Series – Bluff


Follow Joe and Flora Lloyd in the third episode of NZ: South Island Series from Scottish inspired Dunedin to the southern most accessible tip of New Zealand.  New Zealand’s southland boasts amazing scenery and ample quiet roads to explore.  Southland New Zealand, is an area almost “lost in time” region and is a great place to shed some of life’s pressures and settle in for some proper enjoyment.


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  1. peterockwell says:

    I was there last year in April, took me 45 minutes (estimated but feels like a day)from the main junction turning in to the bluff got whipped, kick and punch on BMW R1150GS,by the wind heading to Bluff town, 1st stop was the museum, which was ok but on top of the hill we had killer clam chowder and fish dish. We went there just for the sake of multi-directional signs on the bluff. NZ is one country I would go back. Our route was spoiled last year when we reach Frank Josef rest for a night. The next day, as we were suppose to head east back to Christchurch we were informed that the bridge that leads to Arthur’s pass was down and we had to go back to down south and turn up north via Lindy’s psss. 9am till 11:30pm ride with minimum rest and tired. Once done, in the Chrischurch hotel we started planning 2010 trip. Well it may not be possible this year, well there’s always 2011. Wish me luck.


  2. JoeLloyd says:


    Hopefully you do get back! I think that stretch to Bluff is there to test motorcyclists. I remember my head feeling like I had been constantly punched after that ride. NZ is a great place to ride, and the South Island is something else. If you do make it back, maybe consider hitting some of the North Island as well. Keep in touch via OWD, even if we aren’t in the country we always have enough family scattered around that can help out.

    Thanks for watching!



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