Cross-Continent Tested: Pot – Not the Type Smoked, but the GSI Pinnacle Dualist Cookset


GSI Pinnacle Dualist Camping Cookset

The GSI Pinnacle Dualist camping cookset was a bit of an impulse buy the day prior to departure. I stood at the local outdoor gear store mesmerized by all manner of pots and pans that boasted of special coatings and materials designed to resist a nuclear explosion. Stunned, I left the store with the Pinnacle Dualist in hand, impressed with the large 1.8 liter aluminum pot size, the straining lid, the nice carrying case, and the included pair of cups, bowls, and folding sporks. If anything, I thought, it is better to have too much rather than too little and maybe I’ll meet a nice lady moto-traveler whom I can impress with my preparedness and ability to make macaroni and cheese.

Like a Ukrainian doll, everything in the kit ‘nests’ or fits inside of something else so the whole system only occupies about a six-inch cube of space. The way everything fits together is pretty ingenious and the kit will even hold a small canister stove and fuel – although my MSR Whisperlite didn’t stand a chance of sneaking its way in. I thought the watertight protective bag was a silly gimmick but it proved useful when on one occasion when I had to quickly douse the flames erupting from my stove.

The pot is big and I’ll readily admit that even when I used the pot to make soup for three people, it was less than half full. The width of the pot makes it stable and easy to stir in and add ingredients to. The handle-design took some getting used to as it pops out when squeezed but I managed never to drop a meal. The cups and bowls are nice features but when eating alone I never used them and on future trips I won’t even bring them along. The sporks actually held up despite some apprehension I had about their flimsy feeling. The whole kit is overkill for a solo traveler, and its lack of a frying pan means that the consumption of my staple ingredient bacon decreased over the course of the trip. Cleaning the kit was an easy affair as there are no silly edges for food to get stuck under and the hard-anodized coating on the pot was surprisingly resilient to being vigorously scrubbed.

The GSI Pinnacle Dualist is without a doubt a great cooking set-up but for solo adventures it is just too big for my needs – hence the name. A traveler with great culinary prowess and a desire to whip up multiple courses would certainly benefit from bringing the cookset along but they should contact me first as an independent taste tester.

Get stacked for $59.95 US MSRP

16 days on the road, 5051 miles and a 1994 Honda VFR 750 – OWD contributor Jake Moritz crossed the continent putting the latest camping gear to a motorcycle specific test. Though given Jake is a geography major, we might point out that his route isn’t direct; north from San Francisco to Bend, Oregon, across central Idaho to Yellowstone NP, all backroads From Caliornia to South Dakota, jetting across to Wisconsin into Canada, arcing around the North Shore of Lake Superior, across Ontario and Quebec, then down into New Hampshire before arriving at Middlebury College in Vermont.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Borgnine says:

    You had me at “spork”.


  2. simon melrose says:

    I have now used the pinnacle dualist for numerous trips including a two-up camping tour of Newfoundland on my BMW R1200RT and can highly recommend it. It packs with a number of small gas stoves(Primus Express LPG Stove with Piezo Ignition) in my case, plus the gas canister and it is all we take if we are on the bike. The only caveat is that the bowls need hot water washing before their initial use to remove the taste.
    They make a single person version of the same system(GSI Pinnacle Soloist Cookset) so that handles the size issue. Truly a great set-up and highly recommended.


    1. Simon,
      Thanks that’s great feedback from the real world. Who did Newfoundland treat you?


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